News for November 2011

Siremis v2.1.0 Released

Siremis v2.1.0 is out – the web management interface for Kamailio (Openser) v3.1.x and SIP Express Router (SER). This is an update to v2.0.0, last to be released with compatibility for Kamailio v3.1.x. Next one planned in short time will be compatible with Kamailio v3.2.x.

Among several fixes to issues discovered in v2.0.0, this release brings a set of new features. The change log:

  • set default dispatcher flags to 0
  • set default permissions address port to 0
  • set input text for permissions fields considered checkbox
  • updates to user roles and default redirection based on ACL
  • added web pages to manage RLS
  • enhancements to dispatcher pages for drop down menu selection of attributes and flags
  • user interface element changes (pretty format of date files, ckeditor read-only view usage)
  • added web pates to manage PUA modules
  • updated default access restrictions of pages
  • fix install error when siremis cannot access the kamailio database
  • added make tar option to generate the tarball

Step by step installation tutorial, screenshots and demo are available on the web at:

Siremis is used during Kamailio Advanced Training classes for management of SIP server, a good oportunity to learn about Siremis itself, next locations are:

Edited: November 23rd, 2011