News for December 2011

Siremis v3.2.0 Released

Siremis v3.2.0 is out – the web management interface for Kamailio SIP Server (former Openser) and SIP Express Router (SER). This is a major release, compatible with Kamailio v3.2.x.

This release brings a large set of new features. Among them:

  • SQL-based CDR rating engine for billing purposes
    • stored procedure to compute the costs of calls
  • Management of billing rates
    • longest prefix rate selections
    • rating rules can be grouped to allow many sets of values
    • time unit is configurable per rating rule
  • Management of remote registration records (uacreg table)
  • Managment of mtree module (mtree and mtrees tables)
  • Management of dialog variables table
  • Update of LCR and SIP Trace views for compatibility with Kamailio 3.2.x
  • Tools to generate new database table views in a wizard fashion
    • create new views to database table with a command line tool in 5 steps
  • Charts drawing statistics of accounting records
    • graphics to show the evolution of accounting records during the past hours
    • graphics to show the types of INVITEs (call setup) during the past hours
  • Tables presenting summary of accounting records
    • count the number of INVITEs and BYEs in the past hours
    • present the top activity of accounting records – e.g., top 5 caller and callee
    • more can be added from configuration file
  • More SIP server activity charts (e.g., SIP requests traffic load)
    • e.g., default chart presents how many requests are received in intervals of 10 minutes
  • Buttons to switch to command pannel to reload Dispatcher or PDT records in SIP server cache
    • once new records are added, in two clicks they get in the cache of SIP server
  • Views for managing global black lists table
  • Many improvements to user interface
    • selection of local domain is done via select box or picker form (e.g., in aliases, user preferences, pdt, …)
    • selection of local username is done via picker form (e.g., user black lists, user preferences, aliases, …)
    • group names can be set in config file and selected from a list box
    • many static values are given as option to select from a list box (e.g., dispatcher flags, lcr options)
  • More targets in Makefile to make administration easier

Step by step installation tutorial, screenshots and demo are available on the web at:

Siremis is used during Kamailio Advanced Training classes for management of SIP server, a good oportunity to learn about Siremis itself, check for next locations at:

Edited: December 14th, 2011

Kamailio v3.2.1 Released

Kamailio SIP Server v3.2.1 stable is out – a minor release including fixes in code and documentation since v3.2.0 – configuration file and database compatibility is preserved.

Kamailio (former OpenSER) 3.2.1 is based on the latest version of GIT branch 3.2, therefore those running previous 3.2.0 versions are advised to upgrade. There is no change that has to be done to configuration file or database structure comparing with v3.2.0.

Resources for Kamailio version 3.2.1

Source tarballs are available at:

Detailed changelog:

Download via GIT:

 # git clone –depth 1 git:// kamailio  # cd kamailio  # git checkout -b 3.2 origin/3.2  # make FLAVOUR=kamailio cfg

Binaries and packages will be uploaded at:

Modules’ documentation:

What is new in 3.2.x release series is summarized in the announcement of v3.2.0:

Edited: December 1st, 2011