Siremis v3.2.1 Released

Siremis v3.2.1 is out – the web management interface for Kamailio SIP Server (former Openser) and SIP Express Router (SER). This is the last major release to be compatible with Kamailio v3.2.x, next major releases will target upcoming Kamailio v3.3.x.

The new features in this release focused on adding web pages for self management of SIP users. If enabled, each SIP user can now login to Siremis and perform task to update their profile or view records related to their activities, such as:

  • change own Siremis password
  • change own SIP password
  • view own aliases
  • view own location records (registered phones)
  • view offline stored messages to be delivered to him/her
  • manage server-stored speed dial records
  • view the list of initiated calls
  • view the list of missed calls
  • view the CDRs of completed calls

Another new feature is the addition of a public registration form, which allows users to create an account by themselves. Upon registration, the new user will have a Siremis profile (to access the portal via web) and a SIP profile.

Step by step installation tutorial, screenshots and demo are available on the web at:

Siremis is used during Kamailio Advanced Training classes for management of SIP server, a good oportunity to learn about Siremis itself, check for next locations at:

Posted: June 7th, 2012 under News.